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Russell Okung Injured In Seattle Seahawks Game

Stop me if you've head this before: Russell Okung had to leave the Seattle Seahawks game with an injury. On a third down play, Okung was backpedaling, finished the play then limped off the field with some kind of leg and ankle injury. If you'll remember, Okung injured an ankle in training camp before injuring the other ankle shortly after his return. Call it the curse of Okung's ankle.

Without Okung, or without the prized lieft tackle at full-strength, the Seahawks offense has struggled this season. With an already shaky run game, losing Okung hurts the Seahawks even more as they look for a way to find some kind of effectiveness on the ground. Chester Pitts takes over on the line as the rest of the lineman shuffle around after Okung left.

The Seattle Seahawks lead the St. Louis Rams in the second quarter, 7-3 in a game for the NFC West playoff spot.