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Milton Bradley's Arrest Was For Threat Against 'Unidentified Female'

Seattle Mariners outfielder Milton Bradley was arrested earlier today in Los Angeles for an unspecified felony, but now things are getting more specific, and more disturbing. Bradley, 32, has reportedly been charged with making threats towards an unidentified female under California penal code article 422, which covers threats of death or grievous bodily injury.

Although Bradley has a history of domestic violence issues – police responded three times to his home on domestic violence calls in a thirty-three day period in 2005 – it’s currently unknown whether this arrest would fall under a similar category. It had been speculated that Bradley’s run in with the police today could have simply been the result of an altercation that escalated into threats, but if the threats were directed towards a woman, this seems more and more unlikely.

The Mariners, with a reputation as a squeaky-clean, family friendly orginization, may have issues bringing Bradley back into the fold even if he’s exonerated of these charges. Although there are procedures to void contracts if a player is unable to perform his duties, the team may simply cut Bradley and settle accounts with him at a later date.