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VIDEO: Cory Redding Plays To The Whistle, Gets A Touchdown For It

Does anyone remember Cory Redding's stint in Seattle last season? You know, the one where he did next to nothing for the Seahawks, registering just over a tackle a game. On Saturday, Redding stole the spotlight in the NFL playoff game between the Baltimore Ravens and Pittsburgh Steelers, alertly picking up a live ball while the other 21 players on the field were standing around, running the fumble back for the score. It was a ridiculous way to score a first career touchdown.

If you're still hanging onto the memories of Super Bowl XL, watch the video and enjoy some delicious schadenfreude! (via BubbaProg)

Seahawks fans took to Twitter after the touchdown, making plenty of jokes at Redding's expense. Ryan Divish, of the Tacoma News Tribune, said it best when he noted Redding just did more in one play than he did during a full year in Seattle.

Coaches always preach playing to the whistle and Redding did that. In a close, defensive struggle, Redding's alert play, and the indifference of those around him, was a huge turning point for the Ravens.