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MLS Draft 2011: Seattle Sounders Ecstatic About The SuperDraft

Sounder At Heart’s Jeremiah Oshan was able to snag Seattle Sounders general manager Adrian Hanauer for an interview following the MLS Draft on Thursday to get a better insight on the Sounders thoughts about their additions. Hanauer was, quite frankly, ecstatic about the draft, raving about the five players the Sounders picked up and the allocation money acquired in a trade. You’d expect the front office to be excited, but Oshan felt Hanauer was legitimately giddy about the draft, and the newest Sounders.

As he said all day yesterday, Hanauer maintained the five players the Sounders picked, between the second and third round, were all in Seattle’s top-23.

Assuming we take him at his word, and I’m really inclined to since he sounded downright giddy, all five of the players the Sounders drafted were among their 23 highest rated. That’s including the Darlington Nagbes and the Perry Kitchens of the world, who were their top 2. And this is despite trading out of the first round, and acquiring some extra allocation money to boot.

While we don’t know how these players will pan out yet, hearing Hanauer rave about the draft has to be encouraging for Sounders’ fans. For the rest of the interview, and complete draft coverage, check out SB Nation’s Sounder At Heart.