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Washington Huskies Visit Stanford Looking To Maintain Pace In The Pac-10

After the Stanford Cardinal won the Orange Bowl and learning quarterback Andrew Luck would be returning, today they announced the internal hire of David Shaw to replace Jim Harbaugh, who somewhat predictably left Stanford for the NFL.

So although Stanford basketball fans are unlikely to have quite the showing of school spirit that Michigan basketball fans had about the hire of Brady Hoke, there's plenty of reason to walk into Maples Pavilion with a lot of warm fuzzies this evening.

However, the visiting Washington Huskies could disrupt otherwise happy times for Cardinal fans and an undefeated home record for the Cardinal basketball team.

Palo Alto Online : Stanford defense will be put to the test in Pac-10 hoops
The Cardinal (2-1, 9-5) will also put its unbeaten home record on the line against the conference's highest scoring team and one of the one top scoring teams in the country, averaging 88.9 points a game. The Huskies are beating their opponents by an average of 20.8 points a game.

"Any team that explosive is dangerous," Stanford coach Johnny Dawkins said. "They are good at finding ways to score. It's not like you can point to one thing and say we need to stop that. They score in multiple ways."

Further weighing against Stanford is that Johnny Dawkins is 0-6 in his career against the Huskies.

For a quick overview of what Stanford did last weekend in Arizona and how they might approach UW tonight, former Cardinal guard Drew Shiller sat down with Johnny Dawkins in the video below.