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MLS SuperDraft: Vancouver Pick Omar Salgado And Portland Take Darlington Nagbe

With a few more clubs to go before Seattle Sounders announce their pick, let's take a look at what the team's biggest rivals did with their first picks.

Vancouver, with the first pick of the MLS SuperDraft, chose Omar Salgado, the 17-year-old forward from Mexico. It's clear the Whitecaps are thinking long-term here, as Salgado can't even suit up for the team until September. But grabbing guys for the future shows a clear vision for the club, which the Sounders best be prepared to fight against.

Portland, picking second, went with Darlington Nagbe, who many believed would be chosen first. Nagbe is from, you guessed it, Akron, and is also, you guessed it, a forward. Many wonder if Vancouver passed on Nagbe because he made it clear that he did not want to go to Canada -- yet that doesn't explain why the Whitecaps passed on Perry Kitchen. Who, of course, DC United snapped up with the third pick.