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Ready For The MLS SuperDraft, Sounders Fans?

The MLS SuperDraft. It's been invading your Google Reader, clogging up your Twitter timeline, possibly even filling your thoughts when your mind drifts at work. Now it's upon us, and in just a couple hours, there will be nothing left to speculate about (except perhaps trades, formations, tactics ...). Until that time, we'll be live updating the Seattle Sounders picks in the first round - that's pick 11, the second round - picks 21, 27, and 29, and the third round - pick 47.

If you're interested in following along yourself, ESPN 2 has the draft on TV. If you're stuck at work, ESPN 3 will cover it, while has rounds two and three on their site. Meanwhile, Sounder at Heart is running a live thread, so head over and add your opinions to the comment stream.

And if you're curious as to who the Sounders will choose with their five picks, Sounder at Heart has you covered there as well. But be warned, as almost everyone disagrees with one another.

Here we go!