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VIDEO: Michael Dyer's Run Should've Been Blown Dead, If You Believe The Precedent

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In the BCS Championship, it came down to the final minute, with Auburn freshman running back Michael Dyer stealing the show. On a whole, Dyer had a great game, rushing for 143 yards on 22 carries. But it was one run, a run that provided plenty of controversy, that captured the headlines and attention of those watching at home. Was Dyer down before taking off and running for 37 yards late in the fourth quarter? Oregon fans are left to wonder.

With the score tied, and time running down, Dyer appeared to get stopped by Eddie Pleasant for a short gain. Except he didn't. The whistle never blew and, after a moment of confusion, Dyer took off before being tackled again, this time deep in Oregon territory. The play was reviewed and stood as called on the field.

After the jump, a look at Dyer's run, compared to another one that happened just days ago.

BubbaProg put together a little montage, showing Dyer's run compared to a Sugar Bowl catch-and-run by D.J. Williams that looks very similar. In both cases, the runner rolled over the defender and kept going, picking up big yards after a tackle. In the first case, the play was reversed upon further review, with the referee explicitly explaining the runner's wrist was down. In the second, the play stood.

Take a look at the photo of Dyer during the run. Looks like his wrist is down, right? If it was called like it was in the Sugar Bowl, the play would be dead at the spot of the initial tackle.

We don't know what would've happened had the play been called with some consistency. Auburn could've gashed Oregon again, ending the BCS Championship in the same way. But seeing college football's biggest game decided by a controversial call is a shame, and left me feeling unsatisfied.