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BCS Championship 2011, Auburn Vs. Oregon: Cliff Harris Coming To Lock It Down

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You may not know Oregon Ducks freshman Cliff Harris yet. If you don’t, you’ll be getting acquainted with him very soon. Harris, a lock-down corner with a knack for interceptions, possess a boisterous air of confidence that can be off-putting to some, but redeeming to others. Count me among the latter group. In tonight’s BCS Championship against the Auburn Tigers, Harris figures to play a role in the final outcome. Whether it be in the secondary or on special teams, Harris has the ability to change a game at any moment.

Consider the following quotes, the best of Cliff Harris, if you will:

Why did he choose Oregon? (via Daily Emerald)

I needed to get out of Cali, I didn’t want to be no Trojan or no Bruin, but this is close to home still. I love green because money be green.

How did Harris introduce himself to the team? (via Daily Emerald)

Two years ago, a lanky 17-year-old from Fresno, Calif., stood up and addressed his teammates for the first time.

“My name is Cliff Harris, and I’m here to lock shit down,” the newest addition to the Oregon secondary said. Harris then immediately returned to his seat without uttering another word.

And his role on the team? (via USA Today)

Speaking of nachos, Harris said earlier this season, describing his role on the Ducks, that he is “the cheese on top of the nachos.”

And he backs up his talk with his play on the field. On the defensive side of the ball, Harris grabbed five interceptions in 2010, taking one back for a touchdown. Add another 30 tackles and 15 passes defensed and you have a ball-hawking, opportunistic cornerback. In an Oregon secondary that prides itself on forcing turnovers, Harris is a certified thief.

And that punt return game? He’s averaging just under 20 yards a return and has taken four punts to the house. His decision-making, sometimes more than questionable, keeps Oregon fans on edge, but there’s no questioning what he can do with the ball in his hands.

Need an X-factor for tonight’s BCS Championship on the Oregon side of the ball? Look no further than Cliff Harris, the cheese on the Ducks’ nachos. Root for Harris to make plays, if only because it leaves open the possibility of an epic postgame interview.

Watch Harris and the Ducks as they hit the field tonight against the Auburn Tigers in the BCS Championship at 5:30 p.m. on ESPN. Follow our BCS Championship StoryStream for the latest news leading up to the main event in college football tonight.