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BCS Championship, Auburn Vs. Oregon: Tiger Fans Stranded Amid Snowstorm

Imagine you’ve planned for the BCS Championship for months, getting ready to go see your Auburn Tigers play the Oregon Ducks in Glendale, Arizona. Your tickets to the game are in hand, your flight is booked and you’re all packed and ready to go. Then, just before your flight to Arizona is set to takeoff, a snowstorm hits, closing the airport and leaving you stranded. Worst case scenario, right?

That happened for hundreds, if not thousands, of Auburn fans trying to get out of Alabama on Sunday ahead of Monday night’s game. A dusting of snow closed the Birmingham Airport, leaving travelers stranded less than a day before the big game. Flights to Arizona were cancelled and travelers were left frustrated, with few options to see the Tigers hit the field.

“A lot of the commercial planes have already had to cancel flights and people are just stuck with tickets here in Birmingham. Nothing they can do with them,” said Christa Smith. “It’s been a roller coaster of emotions.”

Travel has officially become a nightmare. Airports everywhere in the area were delaying or cancelling flights, forcing hoards of Auburn fans to scramble, looking for trains, planes or automobiles to get them to Arizona.

Looks like mother nature is conspiring against the Tigers on their road to the BCS Championship.