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Bill Simmons Is Betting On San Francisco To Cover Spread Against Seahawks

Bill Simmons, ESPN’s Sports Guy, writes that he would bet on the San Francisco 49ers to cover the three point spread against the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday because Seahawks coach Pete Carroll could be “the perfect storm of coachsuck”.

Niners (-3) over SEAHAWKS
Check out this formula: (no track record of Pete Carroll being a good professional head coach) + (no track record of any college coach succeeding immediately in the pros) + (a lousy 2009 Seahawks season) + (Pete gutting the team and going younger) + (he might not know what he’s doing because he’s been out of pro football for 11 years) x (he’s been distracted by a book tour and a massive scandal at his old university for much of the summer) x (everyone in Seattle is convinced that the sports gods turned on them). I’d say that Pete might be the perfect storm of coachsuck, but that would belittle what Art Shell achieved (dechieved?) a few years ago. So let’s just say we should go against him for a few weeks until the lines shift.

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