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Even More Reaction To Howard Lincoln's Anti-Media Email

Larry Stone of the Seattle Times weighs in on Seattle Mariners CEO Howard Lincoln’s angry anti-media email.

Stone writes that Lincoln’s email is hypocritical and that the Seattle media is actually quite soft on the Mariners.

Lincoln seems to think that the media “attacks”, as he put it in the subject line, are unfair. (Odd that in an e-mail decrying attacks, he would include a demeaning, personal and all-encompassing attack on the media; I’d maintain that most of the media criticism of Lincoln, Chuck Armstrong and Jack Zduriencik has been confined to his job performance rather than personal attacks on their intelligence or hygiene, like the one by Mark Cuban, heartily endorsed by Lincoln. Comments on the blogs are a different story, but blog commenters are not media; they’re, well, fans – paying customers, in many instances, and they tend to be much harsher than the media).

Actually, the criticism I hear and read most is that the Seattle media is not hard enough on the Mariners, that we give them a free ride. I don’t think that’s true, but I also don’t think anyone is “going out of their way” to rip the Mariners.