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Jake Locker's Losing Recalls John Elway?

In a column for the Seattle Times, Jerry Brewer calls University of Washington quarterback Jake Locker “the most talented quarterback in school history” and “the most hyped quarterback in college football” but also says many will judge Locker based on his ability to deliver wins. But, Brewer says, winning at Washington isn’t Locker’s responsibility alone.

Quarterbacks are judged on winning, but it’s also wrong to blame an incredible talent for losing when the entire program is a mess. Locker has been compared to Hall of Fame quarterback John Elway since high school, and Elway’s collegiate story suggests that greatness can be obstructed. Elway finished with a 20-23 record at Stanford and didn’t lead the Cardinal to a bowl game. Then he become one of the greatest quarterbacks in NFL history and won two Super Bowls.