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From Niners Nation: A Prospector's Guide To Seahawks vs. Niners

The 49ers have sent out a game release with various odds and ends about this Sunday's San Francisco 49ers - Seattle Seahawks game and Niners Nation has posted what they call a weekly "Prospector's Guide" with a summary of the game notes from the release. 

In addition to noting that Pete Carroll is a San Francisco native and served as defensive coordinator Niners from 1995-96, they have some player connections going both ways as well.

SEAHAWKS-NORCAL CONNECTIONS - Justin Forsett (2004-2007), G Mike Gibson (2006-2007), TE Cameron Morrah (2005-2008), and DT Brandon Mebane (2003-2006) played at UC-Berkeley.

49ERS-SEATTLE CONNECTION - 49ers S Taylor Mays was born and raised in Seattle, WA, attending O'Dea High School in Seattle ... SDashon Goldson attended the University of Washington (2004-2006).

For more of these and other exciting side notes, visit Niners Nation.