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More Reaction To Howard Lincoln's Anti-Media Email

Jason Puckett of 950 KJR writes that Seattle Mariners CEO Howard Lincoln can’t have it both ways when it comes to the team’s relationship with the media. He also reiterates a growing storyline among many observers: accountability for the franchise’s recent failures needs to come from within, not from attacks on the media.

So, let me understand this, when the team is performing well and winning, an organizations best friend can be the media because we are the conduit between the franchise and the fans, however, when the team continues to be one of the larger disappointments in baseball it’s the fault of the local media because we are exposing the dysfunction.

How many managers in the last nine years? How many general managers in the last nine years? How many different players have come and gone in the last nine years? How many CEO’s and president’s in the last nine years?