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Seattle U Men's Basketball Schedule Includes First Home Game Against Washington In Over 30 Years

Last year, Seattle University's cross-town trip to the University of Washington didn't exactly go so well.

What was supposed to be a test for NBA prospect Charles Garcia against top-tier talent turned into a 47-point drubbing that further called into question Garcia's NBA readiness at the very least.

So maybe things will go better for the Redhawks at "home" in KeyArena this season.

Seattle U Men’s Basketball Announces 2010-11 Schedule - Seattle University Redhawks Athletics
The Redhawks welcome the University of Washington Tuesday, Feb. 22, at 7:10 p.m., the first time Seattle U will host Washington at KeyArena (formerly the Seattle Center Coliseum) since Dec. 15, 1979.

However, the standard cross-town rivalry game is not exactly the highlight of a more aggressive 2010 schedule.

After becoming "the first team in modern history to finish with a winning record playing a full Division I schedule in its first year as a Division I counter," the Seattle U isn't exactly showing signs of slowing down with a schedule that includes two ACC game and an additional Pac-10 game.

The Redhawks will travel to the Maryland on Nov. 8 and later travel to Virginia on Dec, 22 to close out 2010. They will also travel to Stanford on March 1.

Seattle U also will host Oregon State, whom the Redhawks blew out last year in Corvallis even with Garcia in foul trouble.

Overall, it's a more aggressive schedule than last year, mainly due to adding a third Pac-10 game and two ACC games (they played Oklahoma State on the road last season). As the team aims to secure a bid in a postseason tournament this season -- the Redhawks are eligible for the National Invitational Tournament, College Basketball Invitational, and tournament -- the stronger opponents might help. 

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