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Game summary from SBN Arizona: 'You are who you are: Mercury = inconsistent. Storm = resilient.'

The Phoenix Mercury might have had a few injury problems.

They might have lackadaisical play from a key contributor.

But the bottom line, according to Seth Pollack of SBN Arizona, is the Mercury and Seattle Storm showed their true colors when the game came down to its final clutch moments.

With about five minutes to play and 13-point Phoenix lead it seemed like a Game 3 in Seattle was all but assured.

What happened next, in retrospect, wasn’t nearly as unexpected as it might seem.

In fact, the Seattle Storm coming back late and the Phoenix Mercury losing their focus was par for the course for both teams proving once again the old adage that who you are in the regular season matters when it comes time for the playoffs.

You are who you are: Mercury = inconsistent. Storm = resilient.

For more on the Mercury perspective, check out the game summary at SBN Arizona.