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Seattle Storm Playoff Push: What Diana Taurasi Has In Common With Monty Python's Black Knight

ESPN's Mechelle Voepel provides us with a little game day humor in describing Phoenix Mercury guard Diana Taurasi's mindset heading into a Game Two elimination situation after having lost six games to the Seattle Storm this season between the regular season and playoffs.

No one's underestimating the Phoenix Mercury in West finals - ESPN
You've got athletes who maintain their optimism regardless of circumstances. And then you have Phoenix's Diana Taurasi, who is women's hoops' version of Monty Python's Black Knight.

Isn't her team down 1-0 in the Western Conference finals to the Seattle Storm after an 82-74 loss Thursday?

"'Tis but a scratch!"

Didn't she score just nine points, on 2-of-15 shooting, with six turnovers in that game?

"I've had worse!"

The point of the article is certainly not that the Storm can expect to chop Taurasi down to size today and render her completely ineffective. The point is that it's almost as though Taurasi refuses to even acknowledge the pain from past wounds and insists upon focusing on the potential to emerge victorious from the situation at hand.

Even with Taurasi having a terrible first game that was no small part of why the Mercury are up against elimination, it's Taurasi's attitude that is no small part of why there is still intrigue to this series.