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Husky Stadium Renovation Taking Shape

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Husky Stadium is finally getting a much needed face-lift after years of wear and tear have taken a toll on the home of Husky football. After multiple failed attempts to secure taxpayer money for the renovation, UW will go it alone, relying on bonds and donors to fund the maintenance and upgrades needed to bring the stadium up to date.

As such, UW had to alter the design a bit, though the basics remain the same as they were when the project was first proposed years ago.

The basic elements of the remodel remain: replacing the lower seating bowl, removing and relocating the athletic track to allow seating closer to the playing field, lowering the field about seven feet, and renovating the stands. UW may delay constructing a new building for locker rooms and weight-training facilities even though they still plan to build out at least the shell of the football operations building planned to be built in the Northwest end zone.

UW Dawg Pound gave an extension overview of the renovation efforts a few months ago while taking a look at how Washington will raise the necessary funds to take-on a project of such a large magnitude.

There is also the chance that some major sugar daddies can come up to the plate and fund most of the costs. Even with a down economy there are still huge potential contributors in the Puget Sound area who can write a single check to fund the project without feeling it. Perhaps the synergy of the project going forward can stimulate that type of giving.

Season ticket prices and Tyee fee's will undoubtedly increase in 2012 when the stadium is once again ready for occupancy. Any increase will be tough on fans in general in this economy and especially hard on those with fixed incomes. The remodeled stadium however will give the athletic department much more potential to tap significant revenues on game days which will help pay down debt and balance the athletic department budget.

With public funding out of the question and a fundraising plan inserted in its place, all that was left was picking a contractor and getting the show on the road. Back in August, a contractor was chosen and designs were made public.

The planned renovation will restore iconic Husky Stadium to one of the finest college football venues in the country. Plans include the complete demolition and reconstruction of the lower bowl and southside upper stands. The track will be removed, and the field lowered four feet to bring seating closer to the playing surface and improve sightlines. A state-of-the-art football operations facility including team meeting rooms, recruiting facilities and coaches offices will be incorporated into the west end of the stadium. Premium seating opportunities, including 25 suites, 25 loge boxes, and over 2,500 club seats, will be built into the facility. Overall seating capacity is expected to remain similar to the current capacity.

Sounds pretty swanky. This video puts the words into visual form. The field is lowered, the track is gone and the lower bowl is brought up to modern standards.

With a contractor in place, Washington is moving forward with renovation plans at an accelerated pace. The Seattle Times Bob Condotta announced today that the Huskies would move to Qwest Field in 2012, allowing construction to take place during the season. The Huskies will also play their final home game of 2011 at Qwest: The Apple Cup.

The 2011 Apple Cup is set for Nov. 19. The last UW home game before that is Oct. 29 against Oregon, so moving the Apple Cup allows for a three-week jump on the renovation.

The logistics are still being worked out, but construction should be completed in time for the 2013 season, as long as it gets off the ground as scheduled.

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