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Video: Nate Robinson Runs In Shaq's Shoes, Doc Rivers Sanity Watch Begins

(h/t @Todd_Dybas)

We're not even a week into training camp and it looks as though Boston Celtics coach Doc Rivers' sanity might already be something of a concern, as previously reported by Brandon Lawrence of WEEI.

Green Street " Rivers on D&C: ‘Let’s do it year to year’
So you think that about 1,000 things need to line themselves up properly for you to get back to game seven of the finals again?

Well I think we have to be playing well, and playing well all year. We have a different group this year, to say the least. We’ve added the O’Neal brothers, and Delonte [West]. Nate [Robinson]’s here for a whole year to drive me crazy instead of just two months. So we have a lot of personalities. I think we’re more talented than we’ve been.

It just seems unfair in this instance to single out Robinson for driving him crazy when it's so clearly the combination of Robinson, Shaq, and Big Baby with a splash of West that might ultimately be Rivers' undoing.

Let the Doc Rivers sanity watch begin.

And add the Celtics to my list of team's to watch.