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NBA Training Camp 2010: Will Spencer Hawes' Peyton Manning Qualities Help Him Start?

I know - it sounds ridiculous to compare Spencer Hawes to Peyton Manning.

And maybe as Kate Fagan suggests, it's all relative when you're talking about the replacement for Samuel Dalembert, who has never been known for his passing ability.

But check out this quote about Hawes from Philadelphia 76ers teammate Andre Iguodala:

Like Peyton Manning? | Philadelphia Inquirer | 09/28/2010
"You can talk a lot of basketball with him, which is a lot of fun. I had a conversation with him about how the defense will be playing me and how he can make certain passes from the elbow. He has a lot of input so we can relate a whole lot, we can adjust. He's kind of like Peyton Manning. He's able to do some of the same things as far as being a big man who can deliver passes ... really had a great practice with Spencer and I can tell we're going to be connecting a whole lot."

We'll see if such high praise persuades coach Doug Collins to keep Hawes in the first unit.