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Patrick Ianni: No Name, No Number

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During the Sounders match against the Fire last night, Patrick Ianni suffered a head injury in the ninth minute. After bleeding onto his jersey, Ianni changed into a fresh kit — one without a name or number on the back.
Now, Ianni might not score often for the Sounders, but he’d been in the scrum challenging the Fire goal. The first question that came to supporters’ minds was: What if he scores?


In the CONCACAF Champions League match between Columbus Crew and Santos Laguna, the Crew were told that their goal was disallowed because Emilio Renteria was wearing a jersey without a name or number. In this case, it wasn’t even the player that scored the goal, although Renteria did assist.


According to the official match report, the goal was disallowed because Renteria had left the field for treatment but had not been waved back on. A search of FIFA’s Laws of the Game reveals no rule requiring goals to be disallowed if a player is wearing a jersey without identification.


So rest easy, Sounders supporters.