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Seattle In Running To Host Pac-10 Football Title Game

Joe Schad of reports that Seattle is one of the sites being considered as a host for the Pac-10 title game.

Glendale, Ariz., Los Angeles, Seattle and Las Vegas are among sites being discussed as Pac-10 title game locations, sources said Wednesday.

Other sites that could be suggested are San Francisco, Oakland and San Diego. The game could also be played at the campus of the highest-seeded team, but this is a concern given the geography of the conference.

Schad reports that discussions will continue through October.

At first glance, Seattle would seem to be a long shot.  It's not the region's largest city or market, it's not centrally located and, as Schad himself notes, the rainy winter weather could be an issue. 

As the largest city in the region, Los Angeles seems like the logical choice, but surely many of the member schools would have an issue playing the game in USC or UCLA's backyard.

I vote for playing the game in Hawaii.