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Pete Carroll: Week 3 Return Home Should Fix Week 2 Problems

Liz Mathews of writes that Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll admits that the Seahawks did not play well during Week 2 because they were on the road at Denver.

“We didn’t take our game on the road, really is what was obvious,” he said. “I know that we can do the things that the philosophy is built around, about taking care of the football and playing tough defense and special teams and making great decisions, we need to recreate that again this week in the preparation and take it to game day.”

Carroll also said he hopes to bounce back in Week 3, as the team returns home to Qwest Field to host the San Diego Chargers.

“Coming back home to Qwest Field is a really big deal for us, obviously, and everybody around the league is facing different scenarios. We’re facing what we got to bounce back from what happened last week. We know that we can play good football, we can do good things, and we need to figure out how to get that done this week.”