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SBN Seattle Feature: Seahawks Have Talent To Compete


Jeff Nusser of SBN Seattle writes that the Seattle Seahawks showed in their Week 2 loss to the Denver Broncos that they have the talent to compete this season if they executve properly.

So, while I wasn't real happy at around 4 p.m. on Sunday, I wasn't as despondent as a 17-point loss probably would have otherwise left me. The problems the Seahawks had were mental, not physical, and are thus correctable. Hasselbeck's interceptions? Correctable. Calling a 3-man front defensive alignment on a goal-to-go play from the 3? Correctable. Poor tackling? Correctable. Aaron Curry whiffing on a quarterback sack? Okay, never mind - we won't get carried away.

But you get the point. And based on what I've seen from this coaching staff already -- which is more than I saw cumulatively out of Jim Mora's staff last year -- I actually have some guarded optimism that the issues will be addressed and -- get this -- cleaned up.