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C.J. Mizell Still Struggling With Effort

Talented freshman C.J. Mizell has the physical tools to be a great player, but still hasn’t mastered the mental side of the game. When we openly begged for the freshman to play more, Mizell’s effort in practice came to the forefront.

After a week of better practices ahead of Montana State, Mizell continues to dog it in practice again this week. The Spokesman-Review’s Vince Grippi passed along his observations from yesterday’s practice.

Mizell’s first attempt was about half speed and he barely made contact with the ball carrier. He was told to do it again. Same effort. Again. Same effort. Now other players are yelling, because the drill has ground to a halt. Again. Same effort. Again. Same effort. Finally, Mizell was told to start running, which he did around the defensive practice field. Slowly, until the drill ended.

The coaching staff has sent a clear message about effort in practice. If players aren’t giving it their all, they won’t see significant game time. For now, Mizell will find himself on the sidelines more often than not.