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Lookout Landing On Lueke Not Being Called Up

Nobody was shocked when Josh Lueke wasn’t called up after rosters expanded and the Tacoma Rainiers finished out their season. Lookout Landing took a look at why Lueke may have been left out. Among the reasons, legal trouble (M’s are in Canada), the PR nightmare and rest.

Jeff Sullivan also weighs the long-term future of Lueke.

We’ll see. I don’t even know where I stand. I like talented players, but ultimately, I want what’s best for the team, and if the organization determines that promoting Josh Lueke isn’t what’s best for the team, then that’s significant, as they’re in a better position to figure that out than I am. What I will say is that, should they decide that Lueke isn’t worth it, they’re not going to get much back. No other organization is going to surrender much talent to relieve the M’s of their problem. What this might as well boil down to is talent + trouble versus nothing at all.