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SBN Seattle Feature: Felix Hernandez Should Win The Cy Young ... But Won't


SB Nation Seattle's Wendell Maxey writes that wins and losses might end up being the deciding factor against Seattle Mariners pitcher Felix Hernandez's Cy Young candidacy.

Hernandez should win the Cy Young this year, but he won't.

That is no disrespect to Boston's Clay Bucholz, David Price in Tampa, or Minnesota's Carl Pavano. It's more about the league-wide respect for what C.C. Sabathia has accomplished in New York. He is 19-6 for the Yankees, the only 19-game winner in the majors, and no doubt the best pitcher on a staff poised to pitch deep in to October. It's hard to argue against what Sabathia has done this season, but that's not going to keep anyone from debating the topic of who should receive the honors: C.C. or Felix?

This shouldn't just be about wins and losses. Chances are it will be.