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Field Gulls: Is It Time To Dump Matt Hasselbeck?

Earlier this morning we noted some rumbling that Seattle Seahawks quarterback Matt Hasselbeck’s interceptions were slowly revving up calls for him to be benched.

John Morgan of SB Nation’s Field Gulls writes that the excuses for Matt Hasselbeck’s poor play have already worn thin.

The Seahawks are not dependent on Matt Hasselbeck to win the NFC West. The formula, as it has been since this team was constructed, is: good run defense, an opportunistic secondary, good special teams and a functional offense. The Seahawks run defense has been superb, ranking third in yards per attempt allowed, 2.0, and allowing only nine first downs (11th tied) in 57 attempts. The secondary converted two interceptions into touchdowns against the 49ers. Marcus Trufant returned one pick for an instant score. Jordan Babineaux returned another pick to the 13, and Seattle scored on the next play. Olindo Mare is still booting them, and Golden Tate has the look of a superstar return man. The formula is in place, and the formula is in no way dependent on Hasselbeck.

Benching Matt Hasselbeck is not an admission of defeat.