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SB Nation Seattle Feature: Nebraska Is Potential Watershed Game For Sarkisian And Locker


SB Nation Seattle's Jeff Nusser writes that the University of Washington's game with Nebraska on Saturday is a potential watershed game for University of Washington head coach Steve Sarkisian and quarterback Jake Locker.

What matters is there is a perception that the Nebraska defense is really good. And if Sarkisian the offensive guru and his erstwhile Heisman Trophy candidate can find a way to pile up some yards and points against a unit roundly considered to be very good while somehow pulling off a victory ... well, you might not want to write off Jake Locker's candidacy just yet.

Beyond that, this probably is Locker's best chance to show pro scouts whether he's really worth trusting with their franchise come April. This is likely to be the most NFL-esque defense Locker will face, with what will probably be some of the smallest holes he'll have to fit passes into all year. Light up Nebraska the way he did Syracuse, and there's legitimate excitement.