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Lauren Jackson Wins Finals MVP, But The Entire All-Star Trio Won Game Three

Storm center Lauren Jackson was unquestionably the WNBA Finals MVP.

Nobody can really dispute that.

But in Game Three, just as it has been all season, it took more than Jackson to win the game and sweep the Dream.

Storm’s Trio Of All-Stars Leads Them To Championship Glory
“All season long we’ve been in situations where, you know, we’ve been down and people start to put a gap on us, and we’ve had players step up and hit big shots,” said 2010 WNBA Finals MVP Lauren Jackson. “That’s been the magic of our team really all year.”

But in addition to the All-Star trio, Storm forward Camille Little deserves ample credit for her performance. Her rebounding and ability to get to the line throughout the game made her a huge contributor to the victory although her All-Star teammates will get plenty of attention and deservedly so.

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