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Seattle Seahawks NFL Power Rankings Roundup

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Sunday's season-opening win against the 49ers helped the Seattle Seahawks greatly improve their standings in the eyes of NFL power ranking voters. Ranked by nearly everyone as a bottom-five team in the league entering the season, the Seahawks are comfortably chilling right around No. 20 in the league.  


Here's a roundup of the Seattle Seahawks various NFL Power Rankings.

Peter King of also ranked the Seahawks No. 12 in his "Fine 15" and noted, "Matt Hasselbeck, 34, played like Mr. Peabody put him in the Wayback Machine on Sunday. He was a little colt out there."

Somehow, the Wall Street Journal's poll, assembled by a Yale professor and a Las Vegas sports analyst, has the Seahawks ranked ... wait for it ... No. 7. No, really!