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Breshers Potentially Leaves An Offensive Rebounding Void

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As Todd Dybas of the Seattle PI has noted, the Washington Huskies will have options to replace Tyreese Breshers.

While that is certainly true, one of the Huskies’ relative strengths last season was their offensive rebounding, which they led the Pac-10 in. As it turns out, Breshers was one of their better players in that department.

Breshers was only fifth on the team in offensive rebounds per game, but if you expect that he was going to earn next minutes and challenge for a starting spot, his offensive rebounding percentage — the percentage of offensive rebounds he gets while on the floor — is more important.

Breshers was tied with Quincy Pondexter last season with a team-high 10.3% offensive rebounding percentage (Matthew Bryan-Amaning was second at 10.2%). So the problem is that the Huskies have now lost their two best offensive rebounders by percentage from last season, which is a bit of a blow to one of their biggest strengths. That’s before taking into account Breshers’ ability as a shot blocker.

Percy Allen of the Seattle Times compared Breshers to a Jon Brockman-type player and although Breshers’ freshman offensive rebounding wasn’t at the same level of Brockman (who had a 12.2% oreb%) given the composition of this particular roster, he would have been a similar presence.