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Matchday: Seattle Sounders at Deportivo Saprissa in CONCACAF Champions League

It seems like I just wrote Sounders match preview, but when I pause and consider, it's been four days since they've had a game. Tonight's game is a bit different, though. Seattle has traveled to San Jose, Costa Rica, for their third match of the CONCACAF Champions League. The Sounders seek their first points of the tournament against Deportivo Saprissa.

There's been much debate about whether or not Seattle should simply punt the match, given that they still have six league games in their race to make the MLS  playoffs, in addition to that awfully important U.S. Open Cup Final. However, I set out my thoughts on that this morning in She Paints Me Green, and so I'll keep this to a short preview of tonight's specific match.

I confess, I know very little about Saprissa. With the newness of law school, I haven't been able to watch soccer excessively. I have to weigh my choices, and my teams win out. Fortunately, I have another link to send you to, Aaron Campeau's excellent scouting report on the Costa Rican squad.

As for Seattle, the last time we saw the club, just a few short days ago, they managed to grind out a goalless draw against Real Salt Lake. Even though ESPN swore that there would have to be a goal in the match, it never transpired. The only real opportunities for the Sounders came from Osvaldo Alonso, who fired five shots on goal, with two of his long-range efforts on target. It seems Ossie is desperate to sink a goal, so keep an eye on him tonight.

We know Blaise Nkufo traveled. We know Leo Gonzalez received a warm welcome home to Costa Rica. But as for who the Sounders put on the field, well, your guess is as good as mine-and it might reflect the way Seattle will approach the remainder of CCL play.