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Jake Locker Checks In At No. 8 On ESPN's Heisman Predictor

ESPN has released its latest edition of the Heisman Predictor, an attempt to quantify the raise for the Heisman Trophy.

University of Washington quarterback Jake Locker checks in at the No. 8 position, trailing Ryan Mallett (Arkansas), Denard Robinson (Michigan), Terrelle Pryor (Ohio State), Andrew Luck (Stanford), Kendall Hunter (Oklahoma State), Daniel Thomas (Kansas State) and Trent Richardson (Alabama).

Ryan McCrystal, the developer of the Heisman Predictor, explains Locker’s positioning.

Jake Locker’s Heisman hopes were hurt by a Week 1 loss to BYU (who then lost to Air Force), but this game provides him an opportunity for a signature win. Since Nebraska is ranked in the Top 10, Locker could earn up to 10 points with 300 passing yards and three or more total touchdowns. Those bonuses would likely be enough to move him into the top five.