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The Most Critical Aspect Of Game 2 For the Storm: The Turnover Battle

For most of the season, the key to beating the Storm has been evident: force them into turning the ball over.

Although that is certainly no easy task, it's something the Atlanta Dream did well and Kevin Pelton of describes why that might be the most critical aspect of Game Two.

STORM: Insider Preview - Storm vs. Atlanta (Game 2)
From the Storm's perspective, the most critical aspect of Game 2 could be taking care of the basketball. The team had 18 turnovers in Game 1, which led to 27 Dream points. Atlanta scored 1.5 points per possession after a turnover, nearly double the team's scoring rate on other possessions.

"That's not acceptable," said forward Camille Little. "Most of their points came from the turnovers we had. That's something we can control - having better composure and taking care of the ball."

It's always difficult to say whether one factor alone will dictate the outcome of the game -- in Game One, although the Dream did force a significant turnover margin the Storm did everything else well enough to eek out a win. Yet it's clear that if the Storm aim to make any significant adjustments in Game Two, it would have to be cutting down on turnovers.