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Maybe Pete Carroll Did Know What He Was Doing

The uproar over the Seattle Seahawks' roster moves has been well-documented here and elsewhere throughout the blogsphere. After churning the roster in the offseason -- to the tune of 181 personnel moves -- Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll seemed to be admitting that this was a huge rebuilding process and winning now may not be realistic. It sure didn't show in the opening game.

Granted, it's only been one week, but the Seahawks came out on-fire against the San Francisco 49ers, due in no small part to the gameplan put together by Carroll and his staff.

Knowing San Francisco is aggressive on defense, the Seattle offense used play-fakes and double-moves to turn a 49er strength into a weakness. Against a quarterback that gets easily flustered, Seattle brought pressure early and often, forcing turnovers and rattling Alex Smith. After being torched by Frank Gore in the past, Carroll keyed his defense on the run and limited Gore to 38 yards on 17 carries.

We saw a well-oiled blue-and-green machine on Sunday at Qwest Field. The coaching staff put together a solid gameplan and the came out and players executed it. For that, Pete Carroll and the Seahawks should be commended. It was a great start, but let's see if they can keep it up all season.