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NFL Week 2: Seattle Seahawks Need To Improve Running Game

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There was a lot to like during Seattle’s week 1 victory over the San Francisco 49ers. The Seahawk running game, however, wasn’t exactly exemplary, writes Danny O’Neil of the Seattle Times.

“We can’t be misled by the fact we had 70-something yards rushing,” coach Pete Carroll said. “That’s not any great number at all, but half of it was on one run.”

Seattle certainly didn’t run its way to the lead Sunday. The Seahawks didn’t run on the third-quarter drive that culminated in Branch’s 3-yard touchdown catch five minutes into the second half. At that point, Seattle led 28-6 and had 10 yards rushing on seven carries.

The only sign of progress on the ground was the fourth-quarter field-goal drive in which Seattle ran the ball eight times, using three backs, gained 48 yards and two first downs and put Seattle in position for the final score.

The good news for Seattle: the Denver defense gave up 134 yards on 34 carries against the Jacksonville Jaguars last Sunday. Maurice Jones-Drew lead the charge with 98 yards on 28 carries.