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Lookout Landing: M's Firing Of Carmen Fusco Raises Many Questions

Earlier we noted reports that the Seattle Mariners had fired scouting director Carmen Fusco.

Jeff Sullivan of Lookout Landing writes that the timing and abruptness of the firing raise a number of questions about the organization, and none of them are good.

Anyway, the news came as a surprise to many, as Fusco hasn’t exactly been on the forefront of anyone’s mind. Additionally, we haven’t heard anything, other than confirmation that he’s being let go. There’s been no official explanation, and though the timing suggests a link between this and the Josh Lueke traveling PR carnival, it’s hard to figure out what this means, and where it came from.

Sullivan investigates a few possible explanations for the firing and concludes that, whichever version is correct, it’s a bad day for Seattle Mariners fans.

But I don’t know for sure. I don’t know who did this. I don’t know why this was done. Most importantly, if this means that the people above the front office are going to start getting more involved again, I don’t know if that’s good or bad. I know most Mariners fans loathe the people at the top of the ladder, but then, look where we’ve gotten over the last calendar year. Who’s to say what good or harm they could do?

As always, we don’t know for certain why this was done, and we don’t know for certain what this will mean. I’ll leave further explanation and speculation to people in better positions than myself. What we know for certain is that it was never supposed to work out this way. This team wasn’t supposed to cost anyone his job. Instead, there are a lot of good baseball people currently out of work. They won’t remain out of work for long, but, man, has this book ever been worse than its jacket.