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CougCenter Examines The Middle Linebacker Position

It looks like starting middle linebacker Mike Ledgerwood won’t be able to go today, forcing the Cougars to decide who takes over today against Montana State. Will it be highly-touted freshman C.J. Mizell — whose flaws are well-documented — or senior Hallston Higgins.

Over at CougCenter, Jeff Nusser examined the question and came up with a plan.

Here’s how I think it should shake out: Higgins starts, but Mizell gets some pretty significant playing time — maybe picking up some series in the second quarter, and then more into the second half before finishing the game.

The reason for keeping Mizell out of the starting spot doesn’t stem from a lack of talent, but instead is more of a mental decision. By keeping him from starting, it keeps him motivated to continue making strides in practice and film.

The Cougs take the field at Martin Stadium today at 4 p.m.