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Seahawks Notes: Jerry Rice Was In The House

Oh, that Pete Carroll. He’s always pulling tricks out of the hat to make the mood at Seahawks camp light. First it was putting a snake in a cooler and now it’s bringing in NFL legend Jerry Rice.

The Seahawks head coach finished a team meeting by sneaking Jerry Rice in after playing a tribute to the former Seattle wide receiver.

Initially, Carroll showed a glowing seven-minute ESPN feature on Rice’s legacy and then said to his players, "If you could ask Jerry anything, what would you ask him?" After a few moments of pensive silence, Carroll burst forth with, "Well, ask him! Here he is!"

Rice walked in through the back door as the surprised players rose to their feet to give him a standing ovation. Rice and Carroll, sitting on bar stools at the front of the ballroom-turned-meeting room, had a dialogue about competition and hard work to start it off.

What the article doesn’t say is that Marcus Trufant was just perking up to ask “Why’d you trade Josh Wilson and leave me starting opposite Kelly Jennings?" Maybe a little inspirational visit from Rice was just what the team needed before taking the field for the biggest game of the year final preseason game.

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