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Halftime Report: Seattle 1-0 Chivas USA

Seattle maintained the lead it took in the 10th minute throughout the next 35 of the match against Chivas USA. Were it not for a couple great saves by Chivas keeper Zach Thornton, the Sounders would likely be up by two or three.

A few bits and bobs:

  • Osvaldo Alonso is now taking the corner kicks, so perhaps someone listens to my rants about Nate Sturgis. Either that, or someone watched Nate Sturgis take a corner kick. Ozzie at least manages to clear the first defender, so Sounders fans just might see their team score off a corner kick more than once this season.
  • Alvaro Fernandez looks much more dangerous on the right wing than on the left. I’m told he played on the right when he played for U.Chile, so my question remains—why is he ever on the left, particularly when he rarely receives the ball on that side? I know it has to do with Sanna Nyassi’s inability to play anywhere but the right side. Why not do something crazy and have James Riley move up to the left wing? He seems to enjoy the attack more than the defense, anyway.
  • Starfire is sold out and it’s loud tonight. These fans want another trophy.