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WSU Game Week: Cougs Prep For Oklahoma State

With the season-opener just around the corner, the Washington State Cougars are looking to rebound from a one-win 2009 campaign by getting off on the right foot against the Oklahoma State Cowboys. The Cowboys bring a high-powered offense, but have plenty of personnel questions as they open the season. With 15 freshmen on the two-deeps and a new quarterback, Oklahoma State is looking to find an identity as they take the field on Saturday.

Over at CougCenter, our own Craig Powers does a fantastic job previewing the Cowboys.

26 year-old junior Brandon Weeden takes over at quarterback, having only thrown 27 in-game passes in his career. Those 27 passes have been impressive, as he has connected on 16 of them for four touchdowns. Brandon went to straight to baseball after high school, and spent several years in the minor leagues before deciding to come to college and be a quarterback for a BCS school (I for one, would take either of those options in a heartbeat). Brandon may not be as mobile as his predecessor Zac Robinson, but he throws bullets and is fully expected to excel as the full-time starter.

Even though he’s new to the starting role, Weeden should step-up and play just fine for the Cowboys.

Should OSU be worried about a Cougar team hungry to prove themselves? SB Nation’s Cowboys Ride For Free doesn’t think so, but they do have some doubt.

Please stop sending messages to the rest of my brain and clouding my judgment. It has been a while since Oklahoma State has lost to a terrible team, and outside of the restructuring year of 2005, we have been a much more stable program of late. This is not the 90’s. Bob Simmons is as distant of a memory as losses to Tulsa and La Tech. This is the new era of Oklahoma State football… we are reloaders, not rebuilders.

So “That part of my brain that is trying to convince me that Oklahoma State will be 3-9”, when I am reading or writing a piece about the Washington State game, or the season in general, please stop interjecting with your negativity and planting seeds of doubt in my head. I just want to believe we are a good program that is going to perform well and finish at least 8-4. Stop ruining this for me.

The OSU-WSU matchup could be closer than it looks on paper. It’s a classic case of a team looking to prove themselves against one that’s much better on paper, but has plenty of unknowns.

Can Washington State pull-off an upset? We’ll find out on Saturday in Stillwater.

For more on the Cougars, check out SB Nation’s CougCenter.