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Don Wakamatsu On His Way Out The Door? So Says a Rumor.

Don Wakamatsu, along with pitching coach Rick Adair and bench coach Ty van Berkleo, could be leaving the Seattle Mariners. Or so say hosts of local radio, Brock and Salk:

Sources tell me Don Wakamatsu, Ty van Berkleo and Rick Adair have been let go from the Mariners.

If it's true, more updates throughout the day.

If it's not true, then there will still be more updates regarding where on earth this came from, other than an unimpressive season.

Matt Pittman has now chimed in

710 ESPN Seattle has learned Wakamatsu, Adair, and Van Burleo let go by #mariners.

I must confess, however, that I find it a tiny bit odd that my Aston Villa had their manager resign this morning and now Wakamatsu is leaving the Mariners.