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Sounders 2-0 Dynamo

For the first time in Sounders history, the team has won four matches in a row. The Sounders are level at .500, and have taken fourth in the West. Seattle is now fifth overall—remember the top eight go to the playoffs.

An assist from Kasey Keller allows Montero to flip around Eddie Robinson and punch the ball into the net. Montero proceeds to kiss his badge.

Montero then shoots a perfect ball through to Alvaro Fernandez. Although Fernandez managed to trip over the ball, or possibly his feet, he steadies himself enough to beat Tally Hall and calmly flick the ball in. Immediately he gives Montero the credit, and they both do a fun dancing love-fest, complete with a big kiss.

Fredy Montero loves Seattle. There’s no more talk about him heading off to Europe. Sign him, Sounders. Sign him now.

Then an assist