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AquaSox Win After Boise Hawks Forfeit

After the teams stood around for an hour on Saturday night, watching the skies pour down rain in Everett, the Sox and Hawks took the field for the first inning.


The AquaSox scored two runs on a double by Hawkins Gebbers, who has one of the best names in all of present-day baseball. During this play, left fielder Ryan Cueno apparently slipped on the rain-soaked grass, angering Boise manager Jody Davis.


Davis held a discussion with the umpires, during which he could not convince them that playing conditions were unsafe. Undeterred, Davis called his team into the dugout. When the umpire gave the signal for play to resume, the Hawks refused to take the field.


With Boise giving up after less than an inning played, the game will go into the books as a 9-0 AquaSox win. Well done, minor-leaguers!