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Seattle Mariners v Kansas City Royals: Series Preview

At one point, playing the Royals would have been a welcome respite. The team was little more than a punchilne. But once again, it is the Mariners that are the joke, and although they managed to win one of their games against Texas, the fact remains that Seattle have won one game in the past ten. Although Kansas City are sitting at fourth in the AL Central, making this game fairly meaningless, the last time the Royals came to Safeco they scored sixteen runs in a three game sweep.

"You've got to score runs to have a ballgame," manager Don Wakamatsu said. "We're not getting the job done." Actually, Wak, a ballgame occurs without runs--it's just often a tedious exercise in extra innings. But it's a gorgeous Friday night, the roof should be open, and what's better than grilling a few hot dogs (or veggie dogs, if that's your thing), grabbing a beer, and watching baseball?

It might be meaningless baseball, but it's still summer. It's still Zach Greinke taking the mound for Kansas City tonight, even if this season hasn't been as good as the last one. It's still a chance to sit back and hope for a little magic.