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Mike Sweeney Traded To The Philadelphia Phillies

His signing could have been a disaster. I think I speak for many fans when I say, I was prepared to despise Mike Sweeney. It wasn't that he is a bad person. Sweeney in many ways is the exact opposite of Milton Bradley. But I like Bradley. I root for Bradley. Bradley is the exact opposite of Sweeney. See where this is going?

Sweeney is all good press and fan love and excuses. Bradley had actual, recent production under his belt. He was shipped from Chicago along with a reputation that could've been improved through literal vampirism. At least then he would have had an angle other than angry malcontent and perennial disappointment. Despite all that, Sweeney not only proved that there's good reason he is so lovable, but he also proved more valuable to the Mariners than Bradley. Score one for the court of public opinion.

Today Seattle traded Sweeney to the Philadelphia Phillies. The Phillies will part with cash or a player to be named later. The move was likely done as much on Sweeney's behalf as it was for whatever the Mariners will receive in return. He was rehabbing in Tacoma and through force of numbers and losing, had lost his place on the roster. Seattle had a ton of first basemen and every reason to play the young ones with potential.

It didn't go bad. He raked a little. He hugged a lot. And Sweeney may yet reap a return for the Mariners. This couldn't have gone better. Good luck, Mike.