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Josh Wilson Trade Continues To Spark Questions For Seahawks

We noted earlier that the Seattle Seahawks are catching heat from all sides over their trade of cornerback Josh Wilson to the Baltimore Ravens.

Mike Salk of "Brock and Salk" has added his voice to the chorus expressing confusion.

Looks to me like Seahawks have now traded two best players on last year's defense: Josh Wilson and Darryl Tapp. Don't get it.less than a minute ago via TweetDeck


Danny O'Neil of the Seattle Times expands on the youth movement theory we mentioned earlier, shedding some light on exactly why the Seahawks would move such a valued piece.

Seattle did not believe the difference between Wilson and Kelly Jennings was so great to warrant turning down a fifth-round pick to keep Wilson for the final year of his contract.

The biggest winner in this move, though? Roy Lewis. The former Washington Husky played extremely well in the exhibition season, but he appeared in danger of getting caught in a numbers game with the Seahawks unlikely to keep four cornerbacks. Now, Lewis is a strong bet to make the team.