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Filed under: Is Dubious Of Jake Locker

Earlier we noted that Football Outsiders took a look at the numbers and doesn’t believe Jake Locker is a very likely Heisman Trophy candidate., perhaps the foremost expert on Heisman Trophy predictions, expresses similar doubts today. While many mainstream pundits consider Locker a top three Heisman candidate, Heisman Pundit barely has him in the top 10. Indeed, Locker is only ranked as the fifth most likely quarterback to win the award. Here’s the list of players ranked above Locker.

1. Mark Ingram, Jr., RB, Alabama
2. Terrelle Pryor, Jr., QB, Ohio State
3. Kellen Moore, Jr., QB, Boise State
4. Jacquizz Rodgers, Jr., RB, Oregon St
5. Case Keenum, Sr., QB, Houston
Ryan Mallett, Jr., QB, Arkansas
7. Ryan Williams, So., RB, Virginia Tech
8. Dion Lewis, So., RB, Pittsburgh

Head over to Heisman Pundit to read about their methodology.